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Domain Registration

JD Web Designs what we do A domain name is one way that people will look for you on the web.

We will assist you in selecting your domain name in association with the name of your company or the content of what you are offering within your website.

Be aware though, every day, hundreds of domain names are registered. So, the sooner you start, the better the chances are that the name you want will be available.

You may even want to purchase more than one domain name. For example, you might want to buy a few domain names that sound just like yours but are spelled slightly different to help eliminate the chance that a misspelled domain could result in tarnishing you or the reputation of your company by someone else falsely representing its site as yours. Domain registrations start at only $15 per year. It's a small price to pay for your reputation and integrity.

Hosting Services

JD Web Designs what we do All Web Hosts are not created equally. There are a number of free hosting services available on the Internet. However, if you're designing a website for business purposes, you should NEVER host your web site with a free Virtual Private Server (VPS). You should also NEVER use a free domain service that gives you your own extension on their domain: www.example.com/yoursitesname/.

In order to establish credibility, you must be willing to invest in your own domain name and professional web hosting.

Not only is professional credibility a great reason not to host with a free service, but many Search Engines rarely give a high ranking status within their results of a site hosted on a free server.

If you are serious about the success of your business and you have a sincere desire to outshine the competition, having your own domain name and professional hosting is a MUST.

The Different Types of Web Design

JD Web Designs what we do There are countless websites on the Internet today with more and more being added each and every day. The rivalry is fierce between sites that offer the same products and services and in order to be successful, you must stay one step ahead of the game.

Although the overall design of a website should be a key part of your strategic plan, it is only the first step. Before you begin the actual design process, you need to first determine your overall strategy and design your website accordingly.

First Impressions Really Count

JD Web Designs what we do No matter what type of response you are looking for, your website must be specifically designed to achieve your goal at all times, and regardless of which type of site you plan to design, keep in mind that your website is a direct reflection of you and your business.

The first impression of your website is the most important factor in determining the value of your website. If your site does not appear professional or even pleasing to the eyes at first glance, its perceived value will be low and that perceived value of your website will have a great impact on your success or lack of it.

Your Success

JD Web Designs what we do If you are truly serious about your Internet business, designing a website specifically intended to sell your products and services is an essential part of your success. Your website should have one specific purpose:

Influencing your visitors to decide whether or not they are going to benefit from the products and services you have to offer.

Your website is the most important sales tool you will ever have. A professional website should be pleasing to the eyes, well organized, easy to navigate, load quickly and be optimized for the Search Engines.

Customized QR Codes

JD Web Designs what we do QR Codes have become such an incredible marketing tool for businesses. Even though encoding a URL is commonly the primary tool for QR Codes, there still remains a lot of creative flexibility within the data for each code.

This data can be coded into simple 2-D “barcodes” that perform elementary functions including taking a user directly to a website, providing contact information, sending an SMS text message and so much more. For example, scan the QR Code to the right and see what you get.

Typically, a standard stock QR Code is usually black and white and fairly boring. J D Web Designs can tweak your current QR Code, or create a new one, to include your logo, custom color schemes and much more.

Our services include test scanning during the development of your code to ensure your design is optimized for the best scan compatibility. Once we are done, we provide you with high quality, high resolution files of your QR Code so it can be put it on everything from a business card to window stickers and any size imaginable. We can even provide a file to accommodate a large sized QR Code for a banner or other promotional media. All that is required is to send us the dimensions that you need and once you receive the file from us, you can take it straight to the printers. It's that simple.

If you or your company is genuinely looking for new ways to engage your target audiences, or offer a unique opportunity to bridge online and offline media, feel free to contact us to discuss the design of your own custom QR Code.

If you are still unsure that you need a more eye-catching QR Code, below are some examples to look at.

JD Web Designs what we do

This is a standard QR Code. BORING!
JD Web Designs what we do

This is the same QR Code with some rounded and beveled edges, shadowing and a splash of color.
JD Web Designs what we do

This is the same QR Code with some rounded and beveled edges, shadowing, a splash of color and a logo/brand icon included.

Now be honest. Which QR Code would you rather put on display for your clients?

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